Bringing composites to mass production

HIVOCOMP (Advanced materials enabling high-volume road transport applications of lightweight structural Composite parts) is an ambitious 4-year collaborative R&D project that will develop carbon fibre-based composite technologies for high-volume automotive applications.

Two promising material systems

The project focuses on developing and demonstrating the viability of two novel material systems that show unique promise for cost-effective production of high performance carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) parts: advanced polyurethane (PU) thermoset matrix materials and thermoplastic polypropylene (PP)-based and polyamide (PA)-based self-reinforced polymer composites with continuous carbon fibre reinforcements.

Leading industrial and academic partners

The HIVOCOMP consortium consists of leading industrial and academic partners covering the full scope of the value chain for composites materials in transport applications. HIVOCOMP launched officially in October 2010 and will run until September 2014.

pp - polypropylene a light, chemically stable thermoplastic polymer, made from propylene molecules joined together, used in a variety of applications

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